Story #3

I’ve been posting this week using a few different emails I received last week that I think embody the suncrest story.  Thanks for all the feedback. If you are from Suncrest, I hope you will always remember these are not my stories…they are your stories.  Story #1 was a person who has had her life changed.  Story #2 was a leader amazed at how things are multiplying.  Story #3 is bittersweet because it comes from Cece McAgy, a person who has shaped our church in tremendous ways, but is now relocating to North Carolina.

God has used Cece for incredible good in our church, giving leadership to our Prayer Ministry and Celebrate Recovery.  Her own story is a compelling journey of Grace and she is invested in a ministry beyond Suncrest called “Kairos Outside” that encourages family members of prison inmates.  It’s amazing.

I gave her a few church recommendations where she is moving and then she sent me this.  It’s a little longer and about her and God as much as Suncrest…as it should be!

Thanks for the recommendations. I know it’s going to be really important for us to get connected, especially the kids. We’re really gonna miss our church family here. Suncrest has gone through a lot with us. I’m still amazed how much Jim and I have grown in our faith since we first walked into that high school auditorium (when we met at Lake Central)!

 God’s timing and the listening series played a really big role in all of this. Jim and I had agreed it was time to look elsewhere for work. If we were going to move, might as well be where we wanted to retire to and where there was some family. In January I started applying for jobs in NC. Every company I applied to – responded! I drove out for interviews. The main job I went for did not pan out, but that was in the midst of “listening”. Jim wanted me to stay out there and keep networking. After “listening” the message was loud in clear. “Go home, get your affairs in order first, then come back.” I still had not resigned from the Kairos Outside board. I came home and immediately resigned. The very next day, one of the NC headhunters called about a job. The day after that, I had a 2 hour phone interview with this commercial real estate investment firm. A week later I was flown in for a interviews with the firm principals. By the time the plane landed back in Chicago, I had the job. Jim and I both know, this is all God. His hands and timing are all over it.

Someone told me over a year ago to pray specifically. Be really specific – where, when, how much, who, etc…. So for a year I have. God has answered every bit of it – right down to the penny! As always our timelines did not agree, but other than that, I have the exact job I prayed before, in the location I prayed for, and for the salary I prayed for. Surprisingly, I’m still amazed by that. I’m still amazed that God would come thru for us in such a big way. It has been a heck of journey in the last few years, but God has been there faithfully every step of the way. Jim and I see it so clearly there is no way we cannot respond to it. We have to give back which is why it’s so important to us to find a new church family in NC as soon as possible. It’s going to be tough to find a group like Suncrest that can so clearly apply the bible to everyday life and hold me accountable to it. It will be a tough act to follow!


God is always at work in our lives…as especially so through the trials.  A church in North Carolina is about to be blessed with this family!

~ by Greg Lee on February 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Story #3”

  1. This is an amazing story simple because this woman and family has had such an impact in my life. Cece’s work at celebrate recovery is what got me through some of the toughest times i have ever faced. I thank you and your family for all you have done in my family’s lives. You will be greatly missed by us and Suncrest. I wish you nothing but the best and while I agree Suncrest will be hard to replace, I believe that you will take a part of us with you to your new church family and continue to show Gods love in NC.

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