9 favorite pictures from Liberia

It is not an exaggeration to say our team took thousands of pictures in Liberia (I think Gina took thousands herself!).  I’ve had so much trouble finding the time to put all the experiences into words that I thought I would begin sharing the story this way.  Pictures are worth more than words anyway!

The people of Liberia are stunning in every way. These two guys won their pieces of gum from Rod Reutter playing the game they just learned – Rock, Paper Scissors!

Suncrest is investing in the education of Daniel and George to be pastors and they started one of our new churches in the process! Suncrest bought them this bike so they would not have to walk an hour each way back and forth to school.

Rod and Bobbie Reutter with our longtime partners in Liberia. We have supported the work of Danny and Bea Buegar for 18 years!

Part of our team went to the Village of Karnplay and the welcome was amazing. The churches we have started are dreaming about a new church here one day. Love the Vision.

Medical Clinic – Lisa and Emily taking Vitals, Donna teaching how to use the toothbrushes. I just wish Allie was in the picture – our Nurse who was a champ!

I took this group shot at Ganta Christian Church after I preached there. This church is one of 4 started by Suncrest’s “Jesus Mission” offering in the last 20 months.

This child…and a thousand others…will brush his teeth tonight because Suncrest kids gave so generously.

Ladies at Suncrest (and beyond!) made “Pillowcase Dresses” that we were able to distribute at an orphanage! Lots of gratitude.

You too could be a Pharmacist! Jenny, Brad, and Gina had it perfected by the end of the week.

~ by Greg Lee on July 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “9 favorite pictures from Liberia”

  1. So proud of Suncrest!

  2. How awesome is the work Suncrest does with loving hearts! The video was very touching to my heart and I shared it on my timeline on Facebook Greg, I hope this was okay….I am so proud of all that you accomplish in the name of Love ….Blessings to everyone!

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