Five Reasons to make this your valentine’s gift…

I know I’m biased, but I think every couple at Suncrest and every couple you know should figure out a way to come to a Fun and insightful Marriage Seminar Suncrest is hosting.  It’s called “Understanding the Love of your Life”


1. Marriage is hard even when it’s good.  We can all use a chance to refresh and gain perspective.

2.  Marriage is really hard when it’s bad.  And the hope and renewal that can come from an experience like this can be a huge step in hitting the “reset button.”

3.  No kids.  We love them, but if you are smart you’ll create sometime without them too.

4.  It’s enough…but not too much.  A full evening and morning will cover stuff we could never cover in a sermon. But it’s all done within the first part of a weekend.

5.  It’s led by real people who aren’t perfect AND they are GREAT communicators.

And one more…

Wouldn’t this be better than roses?  Or a dinner? Or an over-priced card and chocolates?  Seriously…it’s $48 and I’m pretty sure it is the best investment you have had the chance to make this year.


March 4/5

-Friday:  7:00-9:30

-Saturday: 9:00am-Noon

Cost:  $48/per couple includes materials

Register:  Sundays at any campus or by emailing

~ by Greg Lee on February 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Five Reasons to make this your valentine’s gift…”

  1. What would be the best valentine gift for singles dating? I’m giving my valentine a Valentine card but think I should give him more than that, yet at same time we don’t want to go too fast too soon. ..and he’d like to give me a gift too — I think that the gift he wants to give me won’t be enough. And I feel the gift I give him won’t be enough. I do consider him and me spending time together a nice gift.

    • I always encourage people to take it slow before marriage. There is a lot more temptation to rush than to walk through everything.

      As for ideas..I think something simple and meaningful. Maybe a short book on relationships to discuss?

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