I just got a report from David Vineyard with a long list of places our Benevolence/Compassion Fund has been used this year in our church and in our community….thanks to everyone’s generosity last Christmas Eve.  Suncrest, you don’t need me to poke you again about being generous this year.  🙂

Let’s just do it because it is part of following Jesus.  And it REALLY makes a difference in people’s lives like these (a partial list)…

  • 350 gift cards given to people in need of gas and food
  • Almost 100 people helped with their rent/mortgage/utility bills
  • Sponsored a Cedar Lake home in “Rebuilding Together”  doing major repairs for a single mom with a handicapped child.
  • Made a major donation for Haiti earthquake relief.

Among many others, there are stories of repairing a furnace, paying for prescriptions for unemployed, helping families have reliable transportation for work, helping a single mom getting out of shelter and into a home in time for Christmas,  and helping another after a fire destroyed their home.

Thanks for being givers, Suncrest!

~ by Greg Lee on December 23, 2010.

One Response to “Benevolence/Compassion”

  1. What wonderful giving hearts! Wishing Suncrest a Blessed Christmas! Let your Light keep shining on:)

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