Changed Lives Changing Lives

Last Night I got to hang out with our leadership team for Celebrate Recovery.

Celebrate Recovery (or “CR” as we call it) is a great place for people who struggle with ANYTHING to come and go through an intentional process of working through that struggle with God’s help.  People come with some “classic” issues like alcohol or over-eating, but more often the issues are in a relationship or with anxiety or a struggle to forgive (someone else or yourself).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Probably every single one of us could benefit from this experience at some level!

My favorite part?  This leadership team is committed to changing lives like this because every one of their lives has been changed by God through the recovery process.  And the team has expanded from the 4 leaders to now include 2 emerging leaders.  Yeah!

It was also cool to hear we have more people connected through CR than ever before following the kick-off a few weeks ago.  If you are struggling…with anything…you can find a community to help you walk through it and work through it at Suncrest.  It meets Mondays (7:00pm) at the St. John Campus.  Click here for more info.

~ by Greg Lee on May 24, 2010.

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