Mission Impossible?

I sometimes tell people that being a Pastor comes with complete job security.  Why?  Because the job will never be done.  The church’s mission will never be completely accomplished.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Mission hasn’t been accomplished in some powerful ways. And since our mission is to be Used by God to Change Lives I always ask myself:  How is God using us…Suncrest? I got that question answered a few times recently:

Last week, I played golf with one of our church planters from Minooka, IL.  The Village Christian Church is five years old now and almost 400 people worship with them each Sunday.  Nate has expressed his gratitude to Suncrest many times.

On Sunday, I stopped in our “Starting Point” class where people new to Suncrest (and often to faith) get a chance to learn the ropes and ask their questions in a great setting.  I had baptized three of the people in the class earlier this year and this group connected so well in the classes they have decided to stay together as a new community group.

On Monday, I was in Boston to meet with our church plant there and it is a very similar story.  Your investment there (money, leadership, and even a Suncrest college student in Boston who plays drums in their band) means there are hundreds and hundreds gathered for worship at Reunion Christian Church in the Back Bay Hilton.

Last Night, we saw at our leader’s gathering how 2010 has already become a year of “more” – in areas that important to measure internally:  More people worshiping God each week, more people “contributing” by serving in roles, more people “connecting” in community groups, more campuses launching, more benevolence giving, more baptisms than ever before.

Are we ready to declare “Mission Accomplished”?  I’m not.  But is sure is inspiring to be part of a church that selflessly and sacrificially makes that the goal.

~ by Greg Lee on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “Mission Impossible?”

  1. You’re right! The mission will never be completely accomplished! Thanks for posting! I’m a Pastor’s kid (yep…a p.k.) and I work in church administration. It’s always refreshing to know others who share the ups and downs of it all!

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