Reading the Bible

On Sunday, we started our new series called TXT:  How to Read your Bible.  I always think this about whatever series we are in, but SERIOUSLY this is one of the most important series we have ever done.

And that became obvious on Sunday.  We gave Bibles to every person who walked in and told them to keep it as our gift to them if they did not own an understandable translation of the Bible.  We gave away almost 800 Bibles.

I’ll reflect more on the series in later posts, but for now let me share a few stories…

-Scott commented on his blog about part of his own Journey:

I had been introduced to God as a young child. I memorized prayers and learned about Jesus. However, I had never opened a Bible to read what was inside. In my teenage years, I began to slowly drift away from God eventually giving up completely on pursuing a relationship with him. Before I could ever experience it’s truth and power, I had decided that the Bible had no practical place in my life.

Upon opening this strange little green Bible that somehow found it’s way into my hands, I started to read a section labeled Matthew. I found it very interesting and began to feel what I now know was the Holy Spirit fill my entire body. For the first time, I experienced the guidance and direction of the Bible. After finishing this section called Matthew, I started on another called Mark and then moved to Luke and then John. Over the course of eight days, I read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John three times and in it I found the strength to survive the worst time in my life.

I look back on that time in my life as a turning point. I am so grateful for that little green book that found a way into my life at a time of need. I am so glad I decided to open the book and begin reading the words that would literally change my life.

Lisa sent me an email that said:

great message today…I must say it was so great that I bought my first NIV Bible this afternoon and I only set it down so I could type this email.  This is quite a huge step for me because as a young girl I had it embedded in me that I should only read from a KJV Bible.  I have been really wanting to invest in an ‘easier’ reading Bible, but to tell the truth, I was scared.  Scared of what?  I really don’t know.  I haven’t been reading out of my KJV Bible because I was intimidated and really wasn’t taking anything away from it.  However I am now the proud owner of an NIV Life Application Study Bible and I’ve felt closer to God’s word this afternoon than I ever have.  Thank you, honest and sincerely…

BTW, when I asked her if I could post this on my blog she said I could if I mentioned the message she wrote on her connect card.  Something about the Cubs…I can’t really remember 🙂

Dan sent me an email about how he had always been fascinated to read teachings from other religions and highlighted some stuff in those books, but never highlighted his Bible because the one he had (from his confirmation years ago) was too nice!  He took the paperback Bible we gave him and took highlighter in hand.  He said:  I can’t wait to begin reading it with the same zeal that I have taken while reading some other books.

The Bible is the most owned, least read book in the history of the world, but it was written to be read!

So this week we will tackle the second passage from Philippians — Chapter 1:12-30.  Read it today!

~ by Greg Lee on April 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Reading the Bible”

  1. The Bible is owned more than it’s read. It’s read more than it’s understood. And it is understood more than it’s obeyed.

  2. Seemingly since your memory seems to be lacking what was on the connection card: Go Cubs Go! Loving my new NIV! -Lisa

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