Jack, Ice Cream, Brackets

Last year was Jack’s initiation to filling out his own bracket for the NCAA’s.  And, he won the family pool against his cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  So he has been excited about doing it again.

We made it fun.  I took him out for ice cream to Baskin Robbins and we sat there and worked through the whole bracket.  I let him just go with his gut on 85% of them, but did try to give him some correction when he picked something I thought was silly (you know, like Ohio beating Georgetown or something).

His first round picks aren’t as impressive this year as they were last, but as a father-son thing it is just as much fun!

Tonight…a daddy daughter dance with Abby.

~ by Greg Lee on March 19, 2010.

One Response to “Jack, Ice Cream, Brackets”

  1. Greg, that Daddy Daughter Dance sounds awesome! I would also wager that pretty soon Jack will be out-guessing his daddy on those picks 🙂 Enjoy those precious children because they will be grown before you know it. Our best to you, Jenny & your family.

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