Voices and Choices

I did a presentation last night to a group of men in a leadership track here at suncrest where I described my leadership journey.  As I looked at the journey to this point, I realized my leadership journey has been mostly defined by voices and choices

The VOICES are people who have spoken into my life that have shaped me.  They are real relationships, but also books I’ve read and experiences I have had. 

The CHOICES are the defining moments when I had to do something that was not easy, but I knew was right.  (I could also make a list of times I didn’t grow because I didn’t make the choice.

I’ll talk more about the voices and choices that have defined who I am as a leader, but first I’m curious…what voices and choices have shaped you…as a leader or simply as a person/Christ-follower.

~ by Greg Lee on August 27, 2009.

One Response to “Voices and Choices”

  1. Voices: Mom. You. A lot of other close friends as well.
    Choices: Going to Bible College. Jobs and ministries that I have worked with.


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