ONE CHURCH two locations

When I welcome east campus in the camera every Sunday morning, I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “we love what God is doing out there.”  I know it might seem trite to hear it over and over again, but I still haven’t figured out a concise way to say it any better!

Sunday was cool.  While we were doing baby dedications at West Campus (St. John), there were also baby dedications at East Campus.  And while West campus went our separate ways Sunday afternoon, East Campus headed to Lake Michigan for a party — A party to celebrate 5 baptisms in the Lake!!  You can watch the video on the east campus blog here. 

Scroll down on that East Campus blog and you’ll see a profile of a new staff member at Suncrest.  His name is Andy Kaser and he is doing a leadership residency here.  He has dreams of planting a church someday and has come to soak up our culture.  He is raising all of his own financial support for the position, so you can see what a blessing it is for us and how dedicated he is to developing as a leader!

And while there are dynamic things happening at our individual locations, there is power in still being ONE church.  In fact, for our Party on the Parking Lot this Friday, we’ll see everyone come together for one event.  I love you, Suncrest.  All of you.

~ by Greg Lee on July 13, 2009.

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