I love Sundays

Sitting here at the end of a day thinking about how great today was — as most Sundays are.  Here’s today’s:

-One of our volunteer video guys sent me this picture.  It’s from his vantage point behind the camera and monitor.  I’m still amazed we have such committed volunteers to fill these key roles and love the way Bobby Jackson keeps developing these volunteers.  The breadth of his responsibilities is REMARKABLE.

-Thought we had a good morning in terms of our worship.  Teaching this series is more challenging than I thought.  I felt decent about today, but I hate it when there are a few humorous moments in a sermon…and today’s was lacking in that regard.  If there is one thing I know…you can’t think of a funny story when you are TRYING to think of a funny story!

-I had a ton of people I got to pray with after all our services.  Lots of hurt and confusion to process today.  I’m so glad people come up to talk/pray, but it was almost overwhelming today.

-I got to watch parts of both the cubs/cardinals game today.  Fun weekend and I guess a split isn’t bad…it’s just not good either.

-My parents are in town.  We’ve had a blast hanging out and having dinner out.  I spent a couple hours on the golf course with my son and my dad…what could be better than that?

-That camping trip I mentioned?  Apparently, I didn’t realize just how many of “our friends” were going.  (Jenny is in charge of this and I get info on kind of a “need to know” basis.)  Turns out there are about 45 of us going with the current breakdown 25 kids/20 adults.  I’m pretty sure they could take us!

-Only have a couple days in the office this week, so I’m setting the alarm for an extra-early start.  Hope to be at my desk shortly after 6:00am and hammer stuff out all day long.

~ by Greg Lee on July 13, 2009.

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