What do you blog about after Easter?

That is the question I’ve thought about for 2 days…so I haven’t blogged about everything.

Here’s the different ideas I thought about…

-The Cardboard stories from Sunday(this will make no sense if you weren’t at suncrest).  We had different ones in each service and they were all incredible.  The most powerful part of the morning was watching them.  The most powerful part of my week was thinking about what I would write on my own.

Our Attendance.  That’s what most pastors blogged about on Monday! 🙂  Easter is a huge day for all churches and I happen to be a guy who thinks numbers are really, really important (they are lives after all).  But I’m not going to blog about the number.  I’m pretty sure there would be more personal pride in that than there should be.  Yeah, real sure.

-My family.  Jack provided me with a nice story for the Easter sermon.  Jenny served all 4 services in the sound booth.  Abby is my treasure.  My parents were in town for Easter Weekend…that was awesome (even if my schedule didn’t allow as much time for them as I hoped!).  They did get to hang a lot with Jack and Abby.

-The Masters.  Did you see that finish?  My heart was going out to Kenny Perry.

-Josh Prunsky.  After church was done and my parents left, I drove up to Chicago Sunday night to spend a little time at his bedside with his mom and family.  Keep praying for this brave and inspiring young man.  The prayer is now that God would receive him into heaven peacefully and without suffering/pain/seizures.

-Our staff and volunteers.  They gave it their all last week and God blessed it.  For example, our worship folks were either rehearsing or leading worship every single night last week for Celebrate Recovery’s kick-off, passion services, and Easter services.  They are all true servants who just want to be used by God to change lives.  I love you all.

~ by Greg Lee on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “What do you blog about after Easter?”

  1. I so appreciate you and your heart and your willingness to share it with us through your blog, Greg!

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