Is CR for you?

At West Campus, Beka Jackson taught on Sunday about the woman at the well.  I wish I had been here myself to hear it because she really did an incredible job.  Along with my message (and Bob’s powerful testimony) about Shame at east and west, we have been trying to help people focus in on real needs in our lives…and a ministry Suncrest offers to help with that.

I saw Laura Moseng Sunday afternoon.  She is the leader of our Celebrate Recovery Ministry (and, professionally, a doctor in the mental health field).  I asked how the morning went and she was so thrilled with Beka’s message and our emphasis because she knows…better than most…that most all of us could find help at a place like Celebrate Recovery.

Too often, I think people pigeon hole a ministry like CR as being “for someone else”.  For no good reason, we envision that it is full of people at Rock Bottom, tragically stuck in the swirl of some wildly addictive behavior.  People facing that are welcome at CR, but mostly the stories aren’t that dramatic. 

At it’s best, it is a help for people who find they could use some support and insight as they work through feelings and emotions that get them hung up in life, feeling a bit depressed or sense they have very few places they can confidentially turn for a little help sorting out one of life’s many struggles.

Is CR for you?  If you have any hint that it is, I’d say you at least should come to Monday night’s kick-off to check it out — 7:00pm at West Campus.

~ by Greg Lee on April 2, 2009.

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