Day Off


Mondays are usually my day off and today had a lot of variety to it.

-Got a call from a friend saying husband was transferred to U of Chicago Hospital.  Will go tomorrow.

-Parent/Teacher Conference at Jack’s preschool.  Nothing surprising…he’s a great kid.

-Got 2nd installment of Hepatitis A & B shots at health department for Africa Trip.

-Played Wii Bowling with Jack.

-Played Candyland with Abby.

-Went for a 2 mile run.  First run outside, but the cold didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might.  Feeling it now.

-Went to Culver’s to support benefit night for “PJ” who had bone marrow transplant…cousin of the Hoogwerfs from our community group.  (Pictures above are Abby’s ice cream face and Jack with “Scoopy”.)

-Kids baths, books, prayers, and bed.  Hard to beat those times.

-Now…Catching up on the day’s email, writing letter to the church, and not eating (Biggest loser weigh-in tomorrow!).

~ by Greg Lee on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Day Off”

  1. Greg…thank you SO much for keeping us in your email! I love hearing & seeing those sweet children on their journies! First thing I thought when I saw Abby’s chocolate ice cream face 🙂 was that if we could put some ice cream “smears” on your face you two would look like twins!….She is her daddy’s girl for certain!
    I enjoy seeing them grow/change/and in their daily things! Hugs to Jenny, the kids and you…..we want to attend church at Suncrest soon. Will has volunteered for Power Point (they call it something different) at Lowell Church of Christ and I help out at the food pantry (wouldn’t you know my volunteer work would include food..ha ha)…Pastor Chuck has been forced to sample my cookie baking prior to it being served at a Community dinner! We miss all of you!

    Will & Martha

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