Weekend Update

Haven’t been posting for a couple days.

My brother and his wife are in town and we are having a great time with them.  Nothing big…just hanging out around home with the kids, but have had some really good conversations…along with some wii bowling and golf!

I came across an AP article yesterday.  It’s subject is church giving in the midst of a recession.  Best of all, it used three friends of mine as sources…all connected to my Leadership Network leadership community.  One was Dave Travis (staff of LN), the other two were Devin Hudson and Noel Heikkinen (fellow young pastors).  Click here for the article.

Had a great visit from Chris Mavity with some of our staff Friday.  He is the conference coordinator for the Sticky Church conference we will host March 31.  I’ll be getting out more details on this soon.

Last, but not least, our community group met Friday night and got to hear about Kim Martin’s mission trip to Africa.  Wow.  We went around the room and talked about each of our willingness to step out and do something similar.  Hopefully, we’ll see progress on that soon.

~ by Greg Lee on January 18, 2009.

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