Crazy Sunday

fireplaceI know it seems like every Sunday is crazy, but yesterday was as wild as they come:

-Bitter Cold – sub-zero temperatures.  Wind Chills in at -30.  Once I finally got home, it was a good day to build this fire!

-Jared taught on gift-giving and I thought he had some really excellent thoughts…and some great one-liners.  Good Stuff.

-Heat went out during second service in the worship area! 

-Power went out before 3rd service and during third service.  It didn’t stay out long, but it does take a while to power everything back up…lights, sound system, screens, etc.  Jared handled it flawlessly.

-Since I wasn’t teaching, I got to visit children’s areas.  I tend to think we have the best volunteers on planet earth.  It was awesome to be able to poke my head in and say “thank you.”

slw-pic-I also got into Student Life Worship to hear Nathan teach (our intern).  He did a really nice job!  When I took the picture above from SLW, my phone made the sound of a camera…and all of a sudden I was a huge distraction.  ugh!

-Best part…4 baptisms.  One was a guys’ second visit.  Three were from another family…mom, daughter, son…who have had a rough ride in life.  I did a funeral a few years ago for a teenage boy, their son/brother.  The daughter doesn’t live in NWI, but does listen to our podcast every week and is growing in her faith.  There is always a story, isn’t there?

~ by Greg Lee on December 22, 2008.

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