UBGTCL – I have a folder in my outlook with those six letters on it.  Do you know what they represent?  (I’m hoping you could take a shot at it if you are form Suncrest!)

It is our mission…Used By God to Change Lives.  In that folder, I just collect story after story that people send me  where our mission is being accomplished.

I referred to our mission substantially when I taught on Sunday and then got a cool follow-up email.  Let me briefly set the stage:  I told a story of a couple at Suncrest who (5 years ago) were pretty new to the church and the wife had never had a church experience before Suncrest.  I had asked people the week before to invite their friends/family to church and she brought about 15 people the next week. In my reaction, I obviously came off as surprised that she brought so many friends…and her reply to me was simple, “Isn’t that what you asked us to do?”  (Uh. yeah.  of course.)

Then I got this email from a suncrest attender this morning about that very same woman.

Years ago…my very good friend from high school youth group dated her and it was quite unsettling for some in the group because the question back then was “do we date unbelievers?”… In the end, my friend recognized her need for Jesus more than his need/ desire to date her and so we  began praying for her that God would change her life and that she would find Jesus. My point that I want to share is that whenever I see her or hear her name, I am always reminded of God’s amazing faithfulness and that she is a real life image of answer to prayer even when it’s 15 years later!  Not that it took that long for God to work but for me to know that God had answered our prayers for her. Needless to say I was speechless, I think my jaw actually hit the floor, when I ran into her at Suncrest at a women’s bible study and began reconnecting with her. Her story is amazing and I am honored that God crossed our paths even for as fleeting a moment that it was and that God used us and answered our prayers for her.

~ by Greg Lee on December 16, 2008.

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