I need this every 6 months





At the end of a long day (alarm went off at 2:58 am!), the first reflection that comes to mind tonight is that I could really use some learning like this every 6 months.  And then I think…”oh yeah…that’s what I get to do!”

I’ll post more completely on learnings when I go back through my notes, but there is something really powerful about learning from these mentors and peers.  Huge topics everyone is talking about…

1.  Economic downturn.  We don’t have it as bad as the guys from Florida and Vegas, but it is bad most everywhere.  Our Suncrest situation mirrors what everyone else is experiencing.  Thought Mark Driscoll had some insightful stuff about seasons of pruning and growing…and strategies for leading through it.

2.  Multi-site/Internet Campus.  I got to spend about an hour one-on-one with Greg Surratt from Seacoast Church.  Awesome.  Down to earth.  Insightful.  They have 13 campuses and run their programming on a week delay like we do.  Launched an Internet campus too.  Part of their DNA is doing things with as much excellence as is necessary, but not spending big bucks to go all out.  He must have used the phrase 20 times… “It is helpful, but is it necessary?”  One example for him was recording in HD.  A neat perspective.

3.  Leadership as the Lead Pastor.  This became a huge topic for the day.  Everyone emphasized how important staff collaboration was in getting to the best strategies, but there was also clarity about the vision/priorities/values have to come from Lead Guy.  For us, that would have to be in consultation with our elders.  Essentially, they were saying “if they aren’t a part of you, you won’t lead passionately to make sure they get done.”  That causes some reflection for me.

Best dynamic:  Larry Osborne, Mark Driscoll, and Greg Surratt are so different!  Personality and perspectives.  It’s awesome to hear the differences and feel that freedom to be different myself.  It also makes me really listen when they DO agree on something.  Think I should probably embrace anything like that.

~ by Greg Lee on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “I need this every 6 months”

  1. Sounds like some really interesting discussions. Love to hear their thoughts on HD vs SD and multi-site when you get back!

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