Catalyst One Day

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If you are a church leader in the midwest and you aren’t signed up for this yet…what are you waiting for?  Catalyst is among the best ministry conferences out there today, but it’s in Atlanta every year and the cost of travel, hotel, etc keeps a lot of us away.

So, next week, they are coming to South Bend, IN (Granger Community Church) for a one-day event.  I just got word there is still room to sign up, so do it.  I think we are taking over 30 staff and volunteers from Suncrest.  Click here for the one-day conference (featuring Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley).  Pretty cheap as conferences go too.

Disclaimer…as excited as I am about our group going, I won’t actually be there myself.  Unfortunately, I have a conflict with a Leadership Network meeting, so I’ll be in Dallas.  The good news is…you weren’t coming to see me anyway…sign up today.

~ by Greg Lee on November 14, 2008.

One Response to “Catalyst One Day”

  1. catalyst is the bomb… ! but, good call on the leadership network too.


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