Getting Feedback

If you are a leader, a good part of your job is about analyzing the health of your team or business or church.  That has to do with big-picture thinking, strategic initiatives, aligning our resources (leaders, people, money, etc) for growth.  I think it was the E-Myth that coined the concept of “working on your business, not just in your business.”

So…why is it that so many leaders don’t seek good feedback to help them define reality (Do we really believe we have no blind spots?)

Arrogant Leaders don’t invite feedback.

Insecure Leaders can’t handle feedback.

Unaware Leaders ignore feedback.

Good Leaders listen to feedback…without being defensive.

Wise Leaders filter feedback…considering the source or the agenda.

Great leaders invite feedback…and leverage the best of it for the future.

In the last week, I’ve gone through three feedback garnering experiences.  First, I asked the staff (my primary team) to give me feedback on my own leadership.  I’ll share the raw results of this later and my reaction to it (I’ll post that after I give the staff my in-person reaction next week).

Second, We had the ministry staff do a SWOT analysis of our church. (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)  This wasn’t as helpful as I thought it might be because it came from such a narrow segment of our church…should have included (and will at some stage) a broader constituency (volunteer leaders, average attenders, seekers, elders)

Third, we took all of our ministry leaders and group leaders through an exercise tonight.  Essentially we asked them to tell us 3 areas where you see Suncrest winning (this gives the room a great vibe as they talk about these around the tables).  AND, we asked for them to turn in ONE thing about Suncrest they thought we were getting wrong or had a blind spot about.  I can’t wait to see the results.  I’ll post more on it when I do.

~ by Greg Lee on November 12, 2008.

One Response to “Getting Feedback”

  1. I’m just proud to serve a church that has leadership willing to listen to good, candid feedback. It’s one of the best ways we grow.

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