Weekend Poll – Innovation

Doug Gamble (our East Campus Pastor) just sent me one of the best articles I’ve read on innovation…especially as it relates to innovating with limited resources.  Click here for the article.

Innovation is a buzz word in the church today…so it’s the topic of this week’s poll…

~ by Greg Lee on November 8, 2008.

One Response to “Weekend Poll – Innovation”

  1. I voted for “fear”, but I think it is a combination between the “Past Rules” and “fear.” The goal of innovation is to come up with creative solutions to old problems. But I think a lot of organizations fear that their ideas won’t work, and so they fall back on the past because it is “safe,” “comfortable,” and “known.”

    Innovation is a risk…it might not work out…but it might fail. However, the benefits of successful and creative innovation is so great it is often worth the risk. I think companies like google and pixar are interesting models, because their very work environments nurture creativity. I’ve heard that pixar’s studios is filled with toys and other things that their employees can use to jump start their brains. In these companies mindsets, no idea is stupid–“let’s try it out and see how it works!” is the general outlook. This creative atmosphere allows them to push the envelope on stuff. They are always ahead of the game, because they don’t let fear keep them in the past.

    I think fears keeps organizations stuck in the “safe” standbyes of the past. So I would say that a combo of both is the best answer!


    I think you would be interested to read my newest post on football coaches and leadership =)

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