Staff Retreat

I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to our staff at suncrest. 

For over 40 hours from Sunday to Tuesday, we got away with our 12 ministry staff for our annual retreat.  For church leaders who read this, I’ll give you my 2 cents on it from that perspective.

-By their nature, retreats are relational.  Don’t miss out on that or you will ruin the whole experience.

-By their nature retreats are out of the daily grind.  Do everything you can to eliminate email connectivity.

-We do things on staff retreats that can’t be done in regular staff gatherings at church. 

  • Take advantage of a different location (we fished, played kickball, and did lots of quiet reflection in the outdoors, sang around a campfire).
  • Take advantage of LONG discussions.  When else do you have the chance to talk about one thing with everyone for 5+ hours?  Don’t waste that chance for a topic/experience that demands it.
  • Take advantage of seeing people as they really are.  People can put on a face when it’s hours at the office, but when you bunk together, make sandwiches together, experience fatigue together, and compete with each other on the kickball field, the real you is bound to come out.  And, surprisingly to some, most of it is good!

Our staff retreat this year tackled some strategic issues…  Should we do a Saturday night service?  How do we measure results?  A “SWOT” analysis of the church (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats).

But, mostly, it was reflective on how we are doing as LEADERS and as a TEAM. 

Our theme passage was Romans 12:1-5 and for me the key phrase in there was “think of yourself with sober judgment.”  It can take a retreat like this for everyone to look inside and reflect internally.  We were asking about our own leadership and how we are (or aren’t) adding value to the team.

We used some great stuff on leadership from Craig Groeschel’s blog on different styles of leadership.  We spoke into one another lives….with encouragement that is often left unsaid and with candor about each other’s blind spots and weaknesses.

I also gave the staff some time to reflect on me as the leader…released them for a block of time on their own to come back with consensus on what I should keep doing as their leader…and what I need to do better at.  Very insighful.

I’m blessed by this staff and their commitment to our mission.

~ by Greg Lee on November 7, 2008.

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