Pray for East Campus Launch

Excerpted from my email note to Suncrest on Thursday…

You HAVE to PRAY for LAUNCH.  We’ve had 300 people praying for 6 months now.  Doug and I prayed together Tuesday afternoon.  We have “prayed like it depends on God and worked like it depends on us”.  Now, the time is here.  Here are some creative ideas on how to pray in these last few days:

·         Fast (skip meals to pray intensely).  The Bible describes the power of this.  Do it for a 24 hour period if you are physically able.

·         Grab a phone book with Merrillville or Hobart or Winfield names in it and pray for individual people.

·         Go to a movie at the Show Place 12 this weekend and pray while you are there.

·         Click on the East Campus page of our new website.  Click through it; pray for what you find.

·         Pray for the right people to show up…we want people who are disconnected from God and church.

·         Pray for LOTS of people to show up…and about who you know that you could invite or refer to this new launch.

We’ll have updates for you as we can on Sunday morning at West Campus and I’ll definitely post stuff on my blog by Sunday night.

~ by Greg Lee on September 27, 2008.

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