Praying and Planning for launch

East campus launch is in our sights.  For those curious…here’s some key things to remember and pray for.

-We love the support and curiosity of people staying at our West Campus (St. John).  And we would love for you to go “check out” East Campus someday.  But, please, please don’t do it on launch weekend or even in the first month of launch.  We need that month for the launch team to invest in newcomers and to make sure we have enough room for the people we are trying to reach.

After the first month, if you want to visit I’d love for you to also volunteer to serve.  You could be a great “breather” as an usher or greeter (or set-up/tear-down!) for a launch team member wearing multiple hats.

-Among those 120 people launching east campus were some very committed volunteers, leaving plenty of room for new volunteers at West.  Many of the “holes” have been filled, but if you are worshipping at West and have ever thought about “contributing by serving”, now is the time to step up.  A wide variety of roles exist.  Contact

-Pray for us as we “get the word out”.  We’ve already integrated in the community by being at festivals and serving the school district with backpacks for those in need, now it’s time for the wider announcement of our launch.  Jenny and I live in the “mailing radius” for our east campus promotion effort.  And we got our first postcard about it last week.  4 more will come before launch.  Pray God captures people’s attention with this card…especially those who have been disconnected from God or church.

As we launch East, we aren’t coasting at West.  In fact, we are pushing the gas pedal.  We just had a great outreach event, we are doing some promotional efforts and getting our first impressions in great shape people and facility-wise.  As always, the key will actually be having people invite their friends.  Join me in doing that and we try to let God use us to change lives.

Pray for a critical leadership meeting of East Campus leaders this Saturday.  It’s finalizing the plans and there are probably a million details to figure out!

~ by Greg Lee on September 10, 2008.

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