Now…that’s a launch team

I didn’t get to count exactly how many people were on stage Sunday, but it it had to be awfully close to all 120 of our east campus launch team.  The theme of the day was “My Legacy” so it fit perfectly to pray over and “commission” this team as we send them out.  What they have committed themselves to will live far beyond them.

I loved looking a the mix of people.  If you were there Sunday, you may have heard me describe…

-Kids.  Most of them weren’t even born when Suncrest launched 14 years ago.

-Elders.  2 of our 7 elders (suncrest’s spiritual leaders) are helping launch the east campus.

-2nd Timers.  There are a few that were there when Suncrest launched 14 years ago.

-The Hobart Church Folks.  This small group of people made the unselfish decision to give the resources ($100,000) they had and become part of this effort to reach  the community they love.

Some great friends.  It will be weird not to see them every Sunday, but it is so worth it for the cause.

An awesome staff.  Julie, Chris, Kevin, and (their fearless leader) Doug have pulled this thing together like Champs!

This was their last Sunday at Suncrest’s west campus.  The next two weeks will be Sunday’s at the theater prepping for launch and worshipping together.  Then, September 28 brings a launch.  Pray for it every day.

~ by Greg Lee on September 9, 2008.

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