Boston and 8 Sharp High School Students


Had a good, long day in New England today.  Yesterday I got here with 8 high school students from around the country, including Suncrest’s own Cole Tribble.  They will be here for a week and I’ll teaching about church planting while they also have sessions on leadership and Worldviews. 

We kicked off the week today by worshipping at Suncrest’s first church plant — Rockingham Christian Church in Salem, New Hampshire — at their early service.  Then, we drove down to Boston and worshipped at Suncrest’s most recent church plant — REUNION Christian Church — at their late service.

These are two totally different churches, but are both accomplishing the mission of Jesus.  After lunch, I taught the first class of the week at REUNION’s offices.  Thanks to my good friend Jim Caler, we’ve turned the “teaching” on church planting into an interactive experience with a church planting simulation game.  Should be fun to see how it progresses through the week.

Back home, I hear we had a good Sunday.  Beka taught on the only female (Rahab) in our “Everyday People” series and our east campus launch team had a great lunch gathering with 90 people there.  Way to go team!!

~ by Greg Lee on July 21, 2008.

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