A couple reflections on WWJS to Barack Obama

First, I felt like the 9:30 and 11:00 services went much better than 8:00.  Same content, but the presentation at 8:00 felt like it lacked flow and maybe focus.  I changed some things after 1st service, included the story about the restaurant 4 year old for humor, etc.  Anyway, I did not feel good about 8:00, but overall I did about 9:30 and 11:00.


It was really challenging to me to look at faces while I preached it.  I’d look at one face —  a lady in our church whose daughter came out of nursing to be a leader in the pro-life movement in Illinois — and I felt like I should be harder on Barack, particularly about his well documented position on the abortion issue .  Her daughter has given her life to a cause that Obama has taken extreme positions against (not only abortion, but partial birth abortion and legislation called “Born Alive Infant Protection Act“).  When I’d see her face, I’d think “Shouldn’t I be more definitive about this?”


I’d also look at the face of someone who I know is coming to our church, but not yet even a Christ follower.  He is a spiritual seeker and I would think to myself…the moment he sniffs out our church taking “political” positions could be the same moment he gives up on this church as a place he can trust to help him walk toward Christ with no ancillary agenda.  When I’d see his face, I’d think, “Shouldn’t I avoid political perceptions if it might cost his journey toward Jesus?”


Personally, I felt like the sermon was kind of boring.  Nothing surprising or shocking or super-insightful.  Safe.  Which might have been the best choice, but one I don’t really resonate with.

~ by Greg Lee on July 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “A couple reflections on WWJS to Barack Obama”

  1. Greg, I don’t think the sermon was boring at all. You did a great job! I especially appreciated the separation of his personal life and political life. You handled it with style and grace. Perhaps you are letting the enemy infiltrate your thoughts and doubt what you said. I believe wholeheartedly that God spoke through you. Take heart, my friend! You did wonderful.

  2. Greg,
    I have been inviting a friend of mine to Suncrest for over a year now. He is open to the idea that God is real but is turned of by religion in a big way. He called me last week out of the blue to ask about service times for this last weekend and wanted to know what.service I was going to attend. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous about the topic this weekend for the very reasons you state in your post. This friend of mine would not have taken a politically driven message well… He came Sunday with his fiance and her brother, which was awesoeme in itself. But before he left he commented that he was impressed with how you did not take a position and that you presented the information in a way that made sense. I second those thoughts and I am thankful week after week that there is no other agenda than to present the word of God in a practicle and “real” manner.
    BTW, the three of them are planning on coming back this weekend!

  3. Good job, Greg. Your sermon Sunday was well researched regarding Obama and delivered in a non biased way, yet straight forward and honet. I appreciate the tact that you showed by not patronizing any political party. That part had to be difficult and still you presented the facts.

  4. Greg you are to be congradulated on tackling a difficult topic. I know that most of the pastors and Missionaries in our brotherhood avoid political discussion. Preaching salvation is priority. But when we vote we have to look at dificult choices.

    I think you glossed over the history of Obama’s former pastor, Jerrimiah Wright. I have received information from more than one sourch saying this man has used his pulpit to teach hate FOR A LONG TIME.

    Did you catch our friend’s daughter Jill on CNN monday afternoon when she told how she was working in a Hospital that did abortions? A live mid term aborted child was brought to the nursery and Doctor ordered that it receive no care, liquid or nourishment. Jill held that baby until it died. She lost her job because she objected to this sinful situation. She commented that Rev. Jerrimiah Wright was on the board of directors of that hospital.

    Barack Obama was in the Illinois Stte Senate and voted against the second draft of a bill to make a BABY BORN ALIVE be treated like any premature child.

  5. Greg,
    I think you did an awsome job with a topic that you did not really want to present. Political issues are hard enough to talk to people about without relating it to the Bible and God. I found it very interesting and very well done as to stay neutral of the political controversies as much as possible. Your sermons are all wonderful. You are a very eloquent speaker and that is one of the many reasons why my husband and I love this church so much.Keep up the good work. (I know you will)

  6. Politics are at the forefront of our culture. The news media and the late night shows are 95 % politics, and in an election year, the presidential election is ALL you ever hear about. It seems like everyone is interested (especially with the state of our economy and war on terror lately).

    That being said, I think Jesus would have an opinion on it. So answering the question, “WWJS to Obama?” is probably very apt. This is important stuff to a lot of people, so I think it is appropriate to delve into the conversation.

    I think the big problem is this: too many Christians do NOT handle politics in a objective and loving manner. (For example Jeremiah Wright). A lot of the statements made by Christians in our culture regarding politics are without any sense of tact. Just recently Dobson said of Obama, “That’s a fruitcake of an interpretation of the constitution.” Really? Fruitcake? That’s the word to use? It doesn’t matter if he is right or not–once you throw the word “fruitcake” in equation you lose your credibility.

    I think your fear is warranted. It’s the same fear any minister has when he gets up to preach on stewardship and money. There are too many Christians who have tried to make a fast buck at the expense of others. But we cannot shy away from these topics…people are clambering to hear it! That was the number one vote getter in the e-mail!

    I haven’t heard the sermon, but it sounds like you did a great job =)

    …and I still wish Clemens and Bonds made the list 😉


  7. Greg,

    Will and I attended the 8:00 am service and we BOTH felt you did a good job presenting a difficult topic..politics….we feel you were fair and tried to be unbiased while presenting without prejudice.

    I think it was brave of you to tackle it!!

    Will & Martha

  8. As always, you’re the best!

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