Friday Night


Speaking at CIY was great.  So much energy in the room.  I’d been praying for the students all week and we had a ton of people come forward.  I challenged the students to 3 things: specific repentance (instead of a more generic “re-dedication” or “re-commitment”), giving their life to ministry or missions vocationally, and specifically following through on the ministry plan they formed earlier in the day (more than I can explain here).


Nate Kearnes (conference director) and I talked a little bit afterward and he sensed the same thing I was feeling – that decision time at CIY is good and valuable, but a flood of kids come up every night.  This isn’t a bad thing.  They are praying and repenting and making decisions about their futures.  When as many come forward as are left in their seats it’s kind of hard to sort it all out when it comes to what decisions are really being made and who is really making them (a lot come up with friends for support).


I thought Nate did a great job wrapping up the week at the end of the service when students were back in their seats.  He got very specific in asking students about the decisions they made – gave everyone a chance to see who they were.  There were hundreds and hundreds who were repenting from something specific and setting a new course.  I’d say there were dozens who made the decision this week to go into ministry or missions.  It wasn’t part of my message, but over the week they were also challenged to give their heart to Christ for the first time and there were a number of those who were acknowledged too.


Thanks for those of you who were praying for me on this.  I do my other on July 18 in Tennessee so keep praying.

~ by Greg Lee on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Friday Night”

  1. Awesome. CIY is where I truly gave my life to Christ (’96) and decided to go into vocational ministry (’97). So glad you were able to be part of that experience for some teens! Hope the July date goes great!

  2. Nate Karnes is a great guy! John and I worked with him a lot when we were Bible College reps touring with CIY. I always respected CIY as both a student and a leader, but working with them gave me a deeper respect for their unity and passion. The whole CIY staff does everything with quality and a concern for the Gospel.

    Sometimes I get frustrated with the emotional highs that can be generated at a conference like that, but CIY can certainly by a great catalyst for movement and growth.

    …oh and I am glad you got to experience one late night tear down =)


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