Trying to get home


I’m sitting in the airport in Manchester, NH.  Long day, but a good one.  I spent the day working through strategic issues facing our church plant in Boston.  After a great dinner in the city, I headed back up here to fly home.  Problem is the flight has been delayed at least 90 minutes.  I hope it gets out since it is the last flight of the night.  As it is now, I’ll land at Midway a little after midnight Chicago time…though it will be 1:00 am to me.  Can’t wait to see Jenny and the kids!!! (Pictured above as Dora and Diego at Halloween).

Special thanks to Tim Barbee (click here for his blog) for picking me up tonight.  I love connecting with our college students, but often they are coming home at the same times I’m leaving town for the holidays.  Tim’s studying for ministry and in his internship right now.  We wanted to connect so bad that he agreed to pick me up from the airport tonight.  Since it will be midnight already, maybe we will stop at White Castle or something for a late-night pack of sliders before we come home.

~ by Greg Lee on November 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Trying to get home”

  1. dude…we have to get you a different picture for your blog. 🙂

  2. Speaking of course about your main blog picture not the picture of your kids. Those are cute.:)

  3. I think the picture is great! I love the look of Abby looking up to her big brother. Jack looks so grown up there. Glad you had a good trip, sorry about the delay. I know all about that stuff……have a great Thanksgiving. I am giving my thanks to God for all of my family. Also asking Him to help in getting them to Church.

  4. I was happy to do it =)

    although next time we get together…let’s make it a point to be done before 2:00am…


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