unleash it?


Since I just mentioned Jon in my last post, I should mention Dave Ferguson too.  He’s the lead pastor at a pace-setting church in Naperville – Community Christian Church.  Actually, CCC isn’t just in Naperville, it is in Romeoville, Shorewood, Chicago, Montgomery, and more.  This idea of being a multi-site church — one church in multiple locations is a move suncrest will make soon.

Dave posted a link to this article from Forbes Magazine on his blog and I think it’s a must read about the potential power of the church if it were ever unleashed.  This isn’t “pie in the sky” thinking, either — read it and start thinking how incredible the potential of the church is to fight the problems of the world.

~ by Greg Lee on November 2, 2007.

One Response to “unleash it?”

  1. Greg, blogging is a blast. I have enjoyed the process. I will add you to my favorites. Happy Blogging!

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