Summer is over!


Hope you had a great summer.  I had a good one, but I’m also really glad it is fall.  With Labor Day behind us, it’s time to push forward hard.  I’m teaching Sunday to wrap up this critical message series on worship and then I’ll do 5 straight weeks for our Puzzled? Series.  I can’t wait because as much as I appreciate the break from teaching to focus on other things, it’s also part of who God made me to be. 

For this week, I know there is a lot below, so here it is:

I spent all day yesterday video-taping some teaching for our community groups at Suncrest this fall.  This Puzzled? series that starts on Sunday the 16th has demanded an enormous amount of behind the scenes work from our staff and volunteers, but it will be so worth it!  Ever felt Puzzled about how to grow spiritually?  You can do it.  We can help.

We’re asking everyone at Suncrest to commit to a Community Group for 4 weeks this fall in correlation with the Puzzled? Series.  This short term commitment is the perfect chance to experiment with being in a  group if you’ve never been in one before.  I believe with all of my heart that God will use the experience to help you grow spiritually.

 We are offering a forum on Sunday to hear some additional teaching on baptism and get your questions answered.  We’re expecting a good number of people, but there is still room for you if you’ve thought about this more since the message 2 weeks ago.  It will be held in Room 125 (near the north family entrance) during the 9:30 service on Sunday. 

Maybe you’ve heard Shine FM 89.7 advertising for this “Play it Forward” event.  Bottom line is…it’s going to be an incredible day to be together as a whole church family – lots of fun, good music, and a great community cause!!  Let’s make sure we are all at Redar Park on Saturday the 15th (4-9pm).  Buy your $5 tickets at Suncrest this Sunday.  In fact, buy one even if you can’t go!  All the funds from the tickets go to support students who can’t afford to be part of the music program in the Lake Central School District.

New Service Times…don’t forget.  8:00/9:30/11:00 begins this Sunday!  Student Life worship will be at the 11:00 service.

At our elders meeting Wednesday night, we sensed God was prompting us to ask our whole church to fast one day next week in preparation for Suncrest’s journey through Puzzled?  You’ll hear a little more about it Sunday and then get an email about it early next week.  We are targeting Wednesday, but you could pick another day if Wednesday would be impossible for some reason.

~ by Greg Lee on September 8, 2007.

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