Two Mentors in one Day


I have lots of satisfying relationships.  Some are mutually fulfilling.  Some I feel like I give more than I get (which is usually OK).  Then there are a few people who have poured way more into me than I could ever give back to them.  There are at least two of those — My Dad and John Wasem (our founding pastor).

 Yesterday was a great day because I got to have breakfast with John (who now lives 11 hours away) and play golf with my dad (who was in town for Abby’s dedication and Birthday).   Whenever I’m with either of these guys, I just keep trying to soak up their wisdom.  Here’s some of my tidbits from yesterday…

John keeps teaching me about church leadership, church planting, coaching people to get the best out of them, and he still understands the nuances of this church with tremendous insight.  We talked about how Suncrest can keep growing it’s church planting vision in some pretty practical ways.  We talked about our kids (and now a granddaughter for John!) and his leadership at Emmanuel School of Religion and how he has now completed the coursework for his PhD in Organizational Leadership.

I love talking to my dad about fatherhood, the stock market (he’s taught me everything I know about money),  running a successful business (lots of parallels to church), the St. Louis Cardinals, and any number of other topics.  I beat him by one stroke yesterday…though neither of us were impressive and we had a 2 hour rain delay after 8 holes at White Hawk.  The picture above is one from Dad at the Master’s last year getting Jack Nickalaus’ signature on a practice round day! 

~ by Greg Lee on June 20, 2007.

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