So…how was camping?

jack tentIt’s always interesting to me about what resonates with people.  This camping trip generated WAY more conversation than I ever anticipated.  So, here’s a quick summary of our experience:

It was a lot of work AND a lot of fun.  We talked on our way home about whether we would do it again.  Jenny and I both have trouble imagining we would do it with just our family, but with the chance to do it with friends again…yeah.  It all started a few months ago with some friends inviting our family to go and because of them we had a great time.  All of our kids played together, we laughed endlessly canoeing, the ladies rode horses together, some of us went for a run one morning, the peaceful campfire (Read:  after the kids went to bed) sets the table for good conversations and a card game or two. 

We did come back tired…and my schedule has only led to more fatigue, so it wasn’t that “refreshed” feeling that you would like to have coming back from time away.  Still, it was a blast…thanks to friends.

One great memory…Jack brought his own tent (pictured) and announced that he was going to set his own up and sleep in it.  Honestly, I was pretty sure he would last 20 minutes and sleep the night in ours.  But he took it very seriously and confiscated the first power strip I pulled out so he could have his own fan .  Better yet, the tent we had borrowed from a friend also came with dangling lights…which jack took for his own also.  He wired it up so some decorated the outside and some decorated the inside…with the power strip hanging from his “ceiling” so he could just reach up and turn out his own lights.  He slept the whole night both nights in that tent…and loved every minute of it.

~ by Greg Lee on July 18, 2009.

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  1. Atta boy Jack!!!!

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